What is a Public Adjuster?

 A Public Adjuster represents the interest of the insurance policyholder against their insurance company. Public Adjusters are experts in the preparation, presentation, and negotiation of insurance claims in order to maximize and expedite the policyholder's claim. A Public adjuster works solely for you, the insured, and no one else, making the claim process seem much more simplistic. 

Why not handle the claim on your own?


After a loss occurs, the insurance policy requires you, the policyholder, to put together a claim of all related damages and negotiate those damages with the insurance company's adjuster. The adjusters from the insurance company are both experts at policy interpretation and loss assessment. very few people have the knowledge or background to prepare, present and negotiate claims against these adjusters. As a Public Adjuster, we have both the skill and background in assessing losses, reviewing and interpreting your policy, and negotiating for you, the insured, with the insurance company adjusters to reach the most favorable settlement.

How does a Public Adjuster help me?


When a loss occurs to your property or business who is on your side? A Public Adjuster is your advocate in the dealings with the insurance company, as well as guiding you through the many important decisions that must be made following a catastrophic loss. We level the playing field by bringing in our consultants (Building, Contents Inventory Service, Engineers, Accountants, etc.) to negotiate a favorable settlement for you, the insured.

We guide you through the claim process, preparing and presenting your claim of damages to the insurance company in the best way to benefit you.


Following a loss, the insurance company seeks to deny coverage and/or minimize your claim as much as possible. Again, the adjusters on the insurance companies side are experts at policy interpretation and loss valuation. You need someone on your side who has the skill and background to compete with the companies adjusters to ensure that your claim is maximized and covered. Where there is coverage, we will find it by taking the time to tediously review your insurance policy and go through the confounding verbiage of your insurance policy.

Why Chose Gillespie Public Adjusters to be your Representative?

 Gillespie Public Adjusters is a fourth-generation, family-owned firm, who has been representing the policyholder for more than 50 years. Our firms' reputation was built on referrals, showing the trust and dedication our clients have for our work product. We have represented thousands of clients through the years, providing each of them equitable and expeditious claim settlements. The knowledge and expertise for claim handling by our staff of adjusters is incomparable, who fully understanding what it takes to prepare, present, and negotiate claims favorably for our clients. Since the 1960's our firms' reputation has only grown, providing our clients with professional, personal, and enthusiastic service throughout the entire claim process. At Gillespie Public Adjusters, we are devoted to providing you with exceptional service throughout the entire claim process. 

What does it mean if my Public Adjuster is part of the National Association of Public Adjuster?

 The National Association of Public Adjusters (NAPIA) holds its members to an extremely high standard. When you are working with a member of the association, you can be assured that they are one of the most proficient and reputable firms in the insurance industry. NAPIA Members are regulated to ensure that they conduct their business with the clients interest in mind and with the highest level of integrity.