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What does Gillespie Public Adjusters do for You?


We will be with you throughout the entire claim process. We are your representative and advocate. Our staff of qualified experts will handle every aspect of the claim process;

  • We will respond immediately to help facilitate all emergency repairs and will assist you with the many decisions that must be faced in the first few days after a catastrophic loss. 
  • We will immediately initiate all requirements to get the insurance company to release advance funds. 
  • We will promptly review your policy of insurance and all the various types of coverage it provides to ensure that all the proper documentation and information is presented to the company properly.
  • We will inspect the loss location and its damages, conduct all meetings with the insurance company’s representatives, prepare the claim of damages for submission, handle all negotiations with the insurance company, and prepare all relevant closing documents for settlement. 

Our clients are, all times, kept informed of the claim details and its progress


Why do I need Gillespie Public Adjusters?

 After a loss occurs, the insurance company will assign an adjuster to represent their interests. The insurance policy requires that you, as the policyholder, cooperate with the investigation of loss, and prepare a claim of all related damages. Once the claim has been submitted, the negotiation process begins. The Insurance company representatives are experts at both policy interpretation and loss assessment. They work for the insurance company, not you! This puts the policyholder at a tremendous disadvantage in the handling of the claim. We level the playing field. Our team of experts work exclusively for you, the policyholder. As your public adjuster we will deal directly with the insurance company's representatives and assist youin complying with all the requirements set forth in the insurance policy. We allow you to focus on the important task of rebuilding your home or business.  Gillespie Public Adjusters strives to collect our clients equitable settlements while at the same time expediting the claim process. 


When Should You Contact Gillespie Public Adjusters?

 Immediately! We work for you, the policyholder. Having Gillespie Public Adjusters on your side will provide you with the confidence that comes from knowing your interests are being properly represented by a firm with a proven track record. Contacting our firm early on in the claim process will ensure that your rights have been protected and that all obligations under the insurance policy are met. There is no upfront cost and we do not charge fees until you have received your settlement. Then, we are entitled to a small percentage of the settlement per our agreement.